Furry Friends of Indiana (FFI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, home-based rescue who accepts orphaned and abandoned kittens under 6 weeks old for fostering until they are old enough to be adopted. FFI fosters are supported by tax-deductible donations and out-of pocket. We do not receive any grants or government funding. We do this because we love it and most of our fosters would have had no chance of survival if they did not come to us. 


Founder Shanna Atteberry raised her first litter of kittens when she was 10 years old.  She always loved animals and wanted to do rescue, so she took in a few liters in 2011.  After those were raised and gone, she took a break due to health issues.  When more kittens came in the fall of 2013, her husband Mark told her he would support her in rescuing kittens as "full-time" as she was able.  Since then, FFI was created and took in 60 kittens in it's first year as an official rescue.


FFI has become a family affair with Mark and the kids assisting with burping, litter boxes, and feedings.  Of Shanna's five children, three of them want to pursue a future in rescue work. Lizzie wants to work with "all animals" and Claudia wants to tame feral cats. 


*5/1/2016 - Sadly, FFI had to close in May 2016 due to a lack of resources.  There are still a few 2015 fosters who are still looking for homes and adoption fees are waived on all remaining fosters. 


Please spay and neuter your pets!  

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