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In an attempt to better facilitate adoptions and place our fosters in the best possible home for them, we have modified our application questions to focus on the most important factors in our decision process.  We want ensure our fosters and adopters will have a life-long and happy relationship.  Once we find a potential match, we bring the foster to your home for a meet-and-greet, where the contract can be signed and adoption finalized.


Any foster adopted from FFI must receive adequate housing, nourishment, medical care, and be treated as a member of the family.  Adopters need to understand that changing homes is an adjustment for anyone, and pets are no exception.  Adopters must be patient with newly adopted pets if they exhibit unusual or undesired behaviors while they are in the adjustment period (days to months);


Ownership cannot be transferred to anyone.  If adopters are no longer able to care for pet or provide for it's need, for whatever reason, they must cntact FFI.  If an adopter must have a declawed cat, we can help them find one, but we will not allow our fosters to be declawed for any reason.  


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